CoRuFlex Composite Hoses BV is manufacturer of multi purposes composite hoses. With more than 20 years of experience in the fabrication of composite hoses and new developed production machines, we are able to manufacture high quality and reliable composite hoses which commits to the demanding requirements of the industries.

Manufactured from multiple tight-wounded thermoplastic films and fabrics that creates a barrier to permeation, and inner and outer wire helixes that gives the composite hose its pressure capability. Our specialized manufacturing process techniques assures the proper gauge and pitch of the inner and outer wires helixes to ensure conformity and consistency every time. The results are truly flexible thermoplastic composite hoses that doesn’t kink or collapse.

Our multipurpose hoses are also specially designed to deliver maximum performance in chemical compatibility. And to provide easy handling at all times during loading and unloading of tank trucks, ships and plant transfers. Benefit of our hoses are the flexibility and light weight, easy handling and excellent chemical resistance appropriate for the transfer of: Petroleum products, Chemicals and refrigerated conveyants.

Our hoses are produced with the best raw materials from selected manufacturers and suppliers. In this way we assure to contribute to a safe working environment, with our carefully produced and safe composite hoses.

CoRuFlex Composite Hoses BV is centrally located in Ridderkerk, close to Rotterdam, and within distance (1 hour) of the ports of Amsterdam and Antwerp. With a motivated team we are striving for a high degree of customers satisfaction. Our strategy focuses on building a strong , long-term relationship with customers.

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In compliance with the international demanding requirements.

Ship supply
Deck & Engine Stores according

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